Our Story

Queen of Dumplings

My heritage

I am blessed… growing up making dumplings with my Mama in a tiny apartment in Hong Kong. Not only is she the best cook on this planet, she also taught me how one should respect beautiful ingredients and to always let simple flavours shine. I want to share my home cooking experience with you. Using the best, freshest and ethical ingredients we can find in Aotearoa.

Vicky Ha

Our humble beginning…

Back in April 2012

Back when Vicky was working as a chef in various premises in Wellington, she would invite her chef mates over for dinner. She would make her Mum’s dumplings. There was nothing like that on the market, and her friends would later convince her to start making them commercially.
She then went off to the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia and worked as a cook on a prawn trwler to save money to started up the House of Dumplings.
At her first market stall at the City Market in Wellington, she spent 17 hours making her first lot of dumplings and was sold out within two hours….