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Each one jam packed and bursting with flavour!

Every single dumpling is carefully handmade by us with no shortcuts, just like every dumpling should be. Starting from beautiful pastry that is made with Wellington milled flour and water, sometimes with spices and vegetables inside the pastry.

Cantonese Free Range Chicken Coriander

This is one of our most popular dumplings. This dumpling is based on the flavour profile that Vicky grew up with – Hong Kong homemade style that her mum makes. These dumplings are loaded with fresh herbs, shiitake mushroom and free range organic chicken leg mince

Shanghai Free Range Pork Savoy Cabbage

This traditional Chinese dumpling can be found all over Shanghai. They are naturally sweet from the Levin cabbage and Wairarapa free range Large Black and Duroc pig!

Nepalese Spiced Lamb + 5 veges

No chilli, just jam packed with spices and good old veges. This beautiful morsel is made with turmeric dough. Best served with our kasundi! Foodies and lamb lovers enjoy this one!

Korean Sesame Beef + Sprouts

This darker flavour dumpling is inspired by Korean cuisine – Toasted black sesame pastry, juicy beef, glassy noodles, shiitake mushroom, mung bean sprouts and shallot!

Crystal Prawn Garlic Chives

Chunky prawns flavoured with sesame oil, pepper and garlic chives – simple Chinese combination and delicious

Spinach, Tofu Bok Choy Dumplings (vegan)

Tofu can be flavorsome if it is done right. This nutritious parcel is made with vegetables, Wellington made tofu and hand crafted in a spinach wrapper.

Japanese Six-Mushroom Dumplings (vegan)

These earthy vegan dumplings are wrapped in carrot dough and flavoured with a 20 months aged unpasteurised organic miso and six different types of mushroom – oyster, needle, shiitake, woodear, portbello and brown button.